Dear The Bacon

Dear The Bacon,

I was pleased to learn of the expanded eligibility requirements for the Chancellor’s Employee of the Year Award.  I have a question: May I nominate the Chancellor himself for the award?  If so, which of the Octochancellors do you recommend I nominate?

All the best,

Chancellor’s Retiree of the Year

Thank you, Chancellor’s Retiree of the Year, for your inquiry! The Bacon met with a representative from the Chancellor’s (Chancellors’?) Office in order to find answers to your questions, and here’s what we learned:

Because the sky’s the limit, any and all Octochancellors are eligible for the award. Nominators are encouraged to provide photos of the nominee over the years, including prior to their conscription into service as Octochancellor personnel (e.g., childhood, teenage years, mall Santa days, etc.). For full consideration, please include photos of all Octochancellors so that the selection committee can compare and contrast. 

We recognize that there may be some problems should one of the Octochancellors win the award. The award is traditionally presented at a ceremony by the Chancellor, which could cause some strains in the already tenuous Octochancellor relationship. The representative from the Chancellors’ Office hinted that they may simply grant the award to another nominee in order to avoid any awkwardness. They also mumbled something about perhaps asking one of the – this sounded like “Octoprovosts” – to present the award.

We hope you find this information helpful! Thank you in advance for your donation during Colorado Gives Day.

The Bacon Editorial Staff

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