Sociology Advisor Receives Yet Another Misguided Accolade

The NACADA News-Ledger, a possibly fictitious and definitely less interesting newsource than The Bacon, announced this week that one of CU Boulder’s very own academic advisors has hit an important milestone. 

Michael Lynn, who has been an advisor in Arts & Sciences for more than 20 years, has (self-)reportedly received his one hundred millionth note from a gushing student. This student thanked Michael Lynn for his guidance, and encouragement throughout the years. The note continues to share that it was in Lynn’s office, as Lynn was doing a downward facing dog yoga pose while explaining the difference between Core and General Education, that the student realized their destiny. “I am graduating with distinction, moving on to starting my yoga teacher training, and have secured a full-time (great paying!!) job! I couldn’t have done it without you, and I will certainly miss our bi-weekly yoga sessions academic advising meetings.”    

When interviewed about his momentous milestone, Lynn stated, “Oh, that is nice. Please distribute widely, let everyone know that I am the BEST advisor at CU and that no one is even close. I receive dozens of notes just like this every week from students around the world, even those who I have never met with.”