Chancellor’s Employee of the Year Award Now Accepting Nominations for Serfs and Senior Leaders Alike

In his Fall 2022 State of the Campus Address, Chancellor Philip D. DiStefano took a moment to plug an exciting new change to this year’s Chancellor’s Employee of the Year Award. The award, which serves as a way to show staff “recognition and appreciation for exceptional job performance and distinguished contributions to the campus community,” has historically been limited to staff members who sit below Deans, Associate Vice Chancellors, and similarly highfalutin members of the CU Boulder hierarchy. This year, however, the sky’s the limit!

“We’ve received countless requests over the years to extend award eligibility to include CU Boulder senior leadership – the unsung heroes of this campus,” explained DiStefano in his address. 

While critics view this change as self-congratulatory, the Chancellor was clear that this is part of an effort to better support those on the lower rungs of the CU Boulder ladder. “We are expanding the eligibility to help facilitate the brown-nosing and nepotism that will enable lower-level staff to move up in their careers. Nomination packages for senior leadership officials will be sent directly to the nominee in order to support this sycophantic behavior.”

Nominations are due at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 30th and should include the following:

  • At least nine letters of recommendation from CU Boulder community members (including one from the nominee’s direct supervisor, and at least four from deans)
  • Photos of the nominee over the years, ideally while wearing CU Boulder apparel 
  • Confirmation from Human Resources that the nominee has received fewer than five corrective or disciplinary actions over the course of their tenure, and that none of these corrective/disciplinary actions took place in the past month

Note: The Bacon is working with the Chancellor’s Office to determine whether Bacon editorial staff meet the Award’s eligibility criteria. We hope to update you before the September 30th deadline.