CE, OUE Nag Former Students to “Finish What You Started”

The Division of Continuing Education, in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Education, just launched the new Finish What You Started degree completion program. Finish What You Started, or FWYS (pronounced “fwys”), received over $3 million in grant funding from the State of Colorado, which will go toward student scholarships, marketing, and two full-time professional nagging staff.

FWYS launched with a series of outreach emails asking former students powerful, reflective questions, such as: 

  • “Did you re-enroll in classes yet?”
  • “Remember when you said you would go back to school?”
  • “Do you really want to leave this unfinished?”
  • “Did you remember to pack a sweater?”
  • “Why don’t you just take this money? Just take it! Let me pay!”

“The outreach campaign has been a huge success!” said Ann Herrmann, FWYS Academic Advisor, Program Manager, and Lead Nag. “All we’ve done so far is send out multiple emails, text students through BPA, call each student, and send direct messages on LinkedIn, and we’ve had an amazing response! Three people have already applied!”

The Bacon had the privilege of joining Herrmann in an appointment with a potential FWYSter and was impressed by her holistic advising approach. Herrmann covered a wide variety of topics, including degree requirements, readmission, semesterly scholarship opportunities, career planning and support, and nutrition. Said the potential FWYSter of the appointment: “This has been a life-changing experience! I’m finishing my degree and I’m remembering to stay hydrated and eat my vegetables, all thanks to the nagging provided by FWYS!”