A Startled Berge Named Interim CFO

Carla Ho’a announced recently that she is retiring from her role as Chief Financial Officer at the ripe ol’ age of 50. Ho’a’s retirement is effective November 2022, which University officials originally believed was enough time to run a leisurely national search and even have overlap between Ho’a and her replacement. When Ho’a told the Chancellor that she planned to use just over 13 weeks of vacation time beginning August 1st, the University was left scrambling.

“The Chancellor called a meeting to discuss Carla’s new final day in the office and to create a plan to address it,” explained Mark Berge, Assistant to the Chancellor and former A&S AAC Book Cooker. “Of course, that was just as I was leaning over out of camera range to take a sip of my martini. When I sat back up, everyone had their fingers on their noses. Apparently, I was ‘it’!”

It seems Berge’s first move as Interim CFO was to schedule an appointment with Ho’a’s personal PERA advisor.