Still Time to Register for CSSA!

The 2022 Conference for Student Success & Advising (CSSA) will take place this Thursday, February 17th. For those of you who forgot to register, don’t worry! You can still sign up! If you’re still on the fence about attending (Seriously? What is wrong with you?!), check out our CSSA New Presentation Spotlight:

Getting to Inbox Zero: A Proven, Two-Minute Technique

Are you overwhelmed by all the emails flooding your inbox day in and day out? Do you walk away from workshops about getting organized thinking, “That guy clearly just doesn’t have as much work to do!”? Did you know that it’s socially acceptable to declare Email Bankruptcy and start over?! Well, this session is for you! In this session, the presenters will walk you through the steps of creating a new folder, naming the folder “Inbox Zero,” marking all of your emails “read,” and then moving all of your newly “read” emails into your “Inbox Zero” folder. Because this is a two-minute technique, participants will fill the remaining 48 minutes of the session by laughing at their colleagues who actually attempt to respond to emails.

Yellowjackets: Theories, Conspiracies, and Conspiracy Theories

This discussion-based session will investigate the circumstances surrounding the soccer team’s plane crash and subsequent 18-month isolation in the woods. We’ll address such questions as: Who didn’t want him to leave? What’s with all these weird carvings? Is it true that people who matter know who Daria is? What actually happened to Travis? Is it possible that Taissa just has an iron deficiency? Is it just me, or is Misty the sanest person here?! And what the hell is up with Lottie?! Participants who register by February 15th will receive yarn, a cork board, push pins, and photos of everyone involved in the plane crash. Approved for Certificate of Advising Mastery Core Competency: Conceptual.

Academic Coaching: Not Just Academic Skills!

We are so freakin’ tired of everyone thinking all we do is talk about time management and study skills all day! That is such a tiny, minor component of what we do – it’s just ridiculous that you all still think this! That’s like if we said that academic advisors just help students pick out classes. You’d probably throw a fit! I mean, yes, we do talk a little bit about time management skills and study skills, but that’s really not what we’re about. We’re about so much more than that! But we aren’t going to tell you any more in this abstract – you’ll just have to show up to our session!

Be sure to mark your calendars! We look forward to seeing you at CSSA on Thursday!