New “Anticipated Graduation Term” Spurs Conversation Among Advisors

The recent release of the highly anticipated “Anticipated Graduation Term” field in Buff Portal Advising has changed the way advisors understand and talk about time. Said one advisor, “Man, I remember taking this metaphysics class in 2167, and let me tell you, McTaggart ain’t got nothin’ on these term codes!”

Advisors all across campus agree. In fact, when the BPA team solicited advisor feedback, they were inundated with positive responses: 

“I haven’t been this excited about numbers since my daughter explained that 7 ate 9 joke to me!” 

“We just got our Christmas 2217 cards out in the mail!”

“Ahh yes … who could ever forget 2214? Of course, it was similar to 2211, we all know that. And, 2214 makes us all harken back to the days of 2197…”

“I’m just glad that I never have to think about 2020 again! There is no 2020 in the world of term codes! It’s like the whole thing never happened!”

“When I started here in 2087, it was 087! That’s how cool I am! I knew term codes before term codes were four digits!”

Of course, the ubiquity of term codes has also created some confusion. One student was accidentally retroactively withdrawn from their Fall 2007 semester of straight A’s rather than their Fall 2000 semester of straight F’s. The Registrar’s Office responded by issuing a formal apology to the student and then placing Jen Matthews, Withdrawal Lead, on medical leave after Matthews was found huddled in a corner in Regent repeating, “2007 or 2007? 2007 or 2007?”