A&S AAC to Announce Late Drop Winners

With finals week coming to a close, Arts & Sciences Academic Advising & Coaching is moving into the last stage of their new late drop petition process: the raffle. In an effort to streamline and simplify the historically lengthy process of carefully reviewing students’ explanations of and documentation for the extenuating circumstances that justify their need to drop a class after the deadline, A&S AAC has decided to just draw a bunch of balls from a cage.

“To be clear,” said Megan Stephenson of A&S Operations, “this is a gold-plated lottery drum filled with engraved lottery balls that are made of the finest ivory from the most endangered elephants. We don’t believe in cutting corners for our students.” 

Stephenson went on to explain that each student received a five-number confirmation code after submitting their late drop petition via DocuSign. Students were instructed to hold onto their code and watch the raffle live at 5:00 p.m. MST on December 15th to see if their late drop petition was approved. “We’ll draw enough for 27 winners, or 15% of the petitions, which gets us to our average approval rate,” said Stephenson. “The numbers line up, and the process is simpler, so everyone is happy.”

When asked why A&S AAC is waiting until the last day of finals to do the raffle, Stephenson fell into such a great fit of hysterics that she was unable to answer the question.