Winter Session to Release Additional Seats During Black Friday Event

Winter Session announced in a press release today that they will open additional seats at 1.75 times the standard tuition rate as part of a Black Friday event. Seats are scheduled to go live beginning at 12:01 a.m. MST on Friday, November 26th. 

While the lack of University support staff during a major enrollment event has caused some raised eyebrows, the press release explained that this aligns with Winter Session’s standard practice of having most of their major deadlines fall on days when the University is closed: “For instance, the last day to drop a class in Buff Portal, change grading type to Pass/Fail, or request Grade Replacement is December 31st, which is during the campus’s winter closure. Similarly, the last day to submit a late drop petition for an individual Winter Session class is Saturday, January 8th.” 

The press release went on to explain that Winter Session really isn’t concerned about potential enrollment issues since their classes are so popular that they expect all seats to fill. In fact, the press release closed by saying that, “like any good Black Friday event, this is all about survival of the fittest.”