CU Introduces “Worry Time”

With so many things to worry about these days, CU Regents approved a new category of leave time: Worry Time. “We thought it important that employees have time to crawl under their desks, go into a fetal position, and just worry,” explained Regent Jack Kroll, who will not be seeking reelection. “The Regents wanted to show employees that we care about and are listening to their concerns, and what better way to do that than to offer Worry Time?”

An unintended consequence of the new Worry Time option has been increased worrying by employees that their Worry Time requests will not be approved. This prompted Employee Relations to offer a new series of workshops called, “Worry Your Way To Success.” 

Meanwhile, the CU Regents just announced the agenda for their November 18th meeting, which will include review of yet another new leave time category: Worried About Worry Time.