Advisor Mutes, Belches During In-Person Appointment

The transition to a hybrid work format has been a challenging space for many CU staff to navigate, and has been especially problematic for those staff members who must constantly toggle between Zoom and in-person appointments. This particular challenge made it to the top of the agenda at a recent CAEC meeting. 

“We had dozens of post-appointment surveys just this week describing advisors who would lean over mid-conversation, hit Alt + A, belch (or worse!), hit Alt + A again, and act like nothing happened,” explained Shelly Bacon, Associate Vice Provost for Advising and Exploratory Studies. “And these are in-person appointments we’re talking about here!”

Unfortunately, CAEC’s discussion of how to address this growing concern fizzled after CAEC members realized that Suzanne Classen, Assistant Dean for Students in Continuing Education, and Mary Steiner, Associate Dean for Students in Engineering, were giggling over the increasingly ridiculous gifs they were Teamsing to each other. When Bacon attempted to get the conversation back on track by reminding everyone that they were in an in-person CAEC meeting, Scarlett Pontón de Dutton, Director of Campus Advising, commented on her poor internet connection, pretended to be frozen, then took a phone call. 

Meanwhile, Michael Lynn’s students have signed a petition requesting that Lynn be banned from consuming any and all carbonated beverages.