Walker Drops Mic at Provost Forum

Kristin Walker, Academic Advisor in the Division of Continuing Education, received mixed Zoom reactions today when she dropped the mic at the Provost’s Open Forum. Many CE staff members say they noticed a series of progressively rollier eye rolls coming from her Zoom cell. Walker reportedly escalated to such gestures as throwing her arms in the air in exasperation, leaning back in her chair with arms crossed, and even several hand signals that are not appropriate for this publication. Walker then let everyone on the call know what she really thought. “It was a little disorienting,” one witness said, “One minute the Provost is explaining how the University has decided to care about student success or something, and the next, Kristin is letting us all have it.” Fortunately for those present, Walker forgot to unmute herself until several minutes into her harangue. Walker then announced that she was resigning and that CU should “have fun with this circus.” She added emphasis to her announcement by taking off her headset and dropping it decidedly to her desk before walking off screen. Walker was later seen sneaking back into the room to leave the meeting.

The Bacon wishes Kristin all the best on her new adventure.