OIT Introduces Buff Portal Potty

After years of rolling out new feature upon new feature, Buff Portal is finally able to meet all its users’ needs thanks to Buff Portal Potty. “We’ve always aspired to make Buff Portal a one-stop shop for everything,” explained Laura Bonney, Client Success Consultant with the Office of Information Technology, “and, yet, our users would have to leave their seats to attend to other business. Finally, Rebecca Lankford floated the idea of the Buff Portal Potty, or Buff PP, as some of us call it.”

Student and staff engagement with Buff Portal hit an all-time high since last week’s launch of Buff Portal Potty. Surveys show that students, advisors, and academic coaches alike overwhelmingly report feeling both relieved and completely wiped after using the new feature, and supervisors have noted a sharp increase in their staff’s productivity. “The new feature is a true game-changer! It makes everything way more convenient!!” exclaimed Scarlett Pontón de Dutton, Campus Advising Director. “We want to share users’ experiences with Buff Portal Potty in the next BPA Newsletter, so email me with your stories!!!!”