CU’s Move. Program Introduces Steps While You Sleep; Only Some Injuries Reported

For years, the Move. program has offered financial incentives to encourage CU Health Plan members to lead a more active lifestyle. Move. announced in a press release this morning that they are launching a new  #BeWellStepsWhileYouSleep campaign promoting a new program that gives participants the ability to make progress toward their monthly activity goal anytime, day or night. 

How it Works: Move. participants who sign up for Steps While You Sleep will receive a neuromuscular electrical stimulation machine that is specially designed to meet the needs of this program. “Because we need to be able to count steps,” a spokesperson for Move. explained, “these machines go far beyond the standard muscle-twitch form of electric shock used by lazy body-builders and instead produce partial – and sometimes even full – kicks.” Participants simply strap the machine to their legs, select “Electric Shock” on the Move. app, hit “Start,” and go to sleep! 

The press release pointed to the steep decline in activity and increase in serious health concerns after 17 months of a collective and extreme sedentary lifestyle as the motive behind the new program: “Steps While You Sleep will allow participants to transition back into more active lifestyles without requiring any actual commitment.” 

“The results in the pilot group have been very promising,” the spokesperson explained, “at least for those sleeping alone. Participants sharing a bed with someone reported partners with bruising, groin injuries, and difficulty sleeping.” For this reason, each neuromuscular electrical stimulation machine comes with information on the best icing techniques for different types of kicking-related injuries. The first 150 people to sign up also receive a free jock strap.