Only a Few Spaces Left in HR’s C(a New)U in the New Year Series

Time is running out to sign up for Human Resource’s C(a New)U in the New Year professional development series. The series, which was dubbed “maybe interesting” by one advisor, is designed to help participants rid themselves of the bad habits and feelings that plagued them in 2022. See the descriptions below for information on individual C(a New)U in the New Year session.

Marie Kondo Your Inbox

Based on the KonMari MethodTM of tidying up, this hands-on workshop will guide participants through the process of hovering a cursor over an email, asking oneself if the email sparks joy, and then clicking “delete” on all those joyless emails. Cleanse your inbox and your soul with Marie Kondo Your Inbox!

Small Steps to Big Success

Are your friends and family tired of watching you set unrealistic New Year’s resolutions each year that just cause you to feel like a failure come December? Well, this is the course for you! In this course, participants will learn how to take those unrealistic goals and turn them into something achievable! Trying to eat vegetables with every meal? Let’s start with something small, like not removing the lettuce from your burger! Want to cut your alcohol consumption back to 1-2 times a week? Let’s aim for a more reasonable goal, like a light lager with dinner each night instead of a stout! With Small Steps to Big Success, you’ll build confidence and feel like a winner!

Practicing Self-Care for Managers (While Making it Look Like You’re Putting Your Employees First)

Research shows that although managers may believe that they must practice self-care in order to be able to truly support their teams, the vast majority of managers secretly worry that they’ll be judged for putting themselves first. This session calls bull on all that nonsense, working with managers to strategize how to make “me time” look like you’re advocating for the needs of your team. This course will meet ten times this spring, and will include four spa days, 7 happy hours, and one candlelight dinner with the senior leadership official of your choice.

Creating the Appearance of Productivity on Your Calendar and Beyond!

In this course, facilitators will provide tips and tricks for making it look like you’re far busier than you actually are. Does your calendar rely on Buff Portal Advising? No problem! We created hundreds of fake student profiles that can fill your open appointments with the click of a button! We’ll also help you craft the perfect auto-reply message telling everyone not to expect an answer right away because you are just so stinkin’ busy. Most importantly, participants will use role-play techniques practice saying no to requests, using such statements as, “I realized that I have been too quick to say yes, so, this year, I decided that it’s okay for me to say no if I don’t have the capacity to give a project the attention it deserves. So, no, I won’t be able to call 9-1-1 for you.”