Quotes from the Quad: Abolishing Augmester

Many staff and faculty (or maybe just three or four) are demanding the abolition of Augmester, which was tacked onto the end of Summer Session a number of years ago in an effort to somehow generate revenue. These Augbolitionists argue that eliminating this session would allow the University to start and end the fall semester a week earlier, leaving more time for fall grade submission, academic standing processing, and graduation certification. 

Augmester supporters point out that the University’s strategic decision to primarily offer senior-level coursework during Augmester serves as the perfect opportunity for those seniors who intended to graduate in the spring to pick up that last in-person class now that their lease ended in May and they moved far away from Boulder…oh, wait…

The Bacon decided to take this one to the quad to see where advisors and coaches fell on this issue. Here’s what you had to say:

E. Sutton: “By the time August rolls around, summer is dead to me. I’m on vacation and you all can deal.”

R. Wolfe: “Let me turn this around to you with an open-ended question: What the $!#% is wrong with these Augmester supporters?!”

D. O’Neill: “What the heck is Augmester?! I’ve never even heard of it!” 

S. Zeman: “Did you happen to see an ice cream cone lying around here somewhere? I know I set it down somewhere…”