As IUT Requirements Grow Increasingly Unclear, Advisors Take Solace in Ease of IUT Intent Tagging

The IUT Intent Tag Form just decreased by approximately 20 steps, which could not have come sooner for one UEAC advisor. “I mean, ideally, all of our students are IUTing somewhere. How was I supposed to keep track of whether we had a form on file for them yet? It was easier to just fill out a form every time I met with a student,” said the frazzled advisor while wiping sweat from his brow. “I spent so much time each day on these IUT Intent Tag Forms that I had to reduce my appointment availability by a full hour. Then all the colleges started announcing new IUT criteria, and none of it made any sense! I mean, c’mon! No cumulative GPA requirement for Engineering?! Do you really expect me to believe that?!”

Just as the advisor was drafting his resignation letter, the BPA Newsletter announced that BPA now has a super handy checkbox indicating whether a student already has an IUT Intent Tag Form on file. “Now I just have to worry about the students who don’t have that box checked yet,” explained the relieved advisor. “My approach with those students is to just have them submit the Leave of Absence Form so I don’t have to figure out if they’re in IUT prereq classes. Let’s be honest: it’s best for me and for the student.”