Session F Totally F’d

In an email to the campus-wide advising listserv today, Heidi Hulse, Academic Advisor in the Leeds School of Business, announced, “Yo, this Session F is totally F’d!” Hulse’s announcement received strong support from campus and sparked a robust discussion on the SSANET listserv. “Yeah! How the F is a student supposed to drop this?!” inquired Jordyn Dwyer of Environmental Studies and Geology. “Who the F even came up with this F’n session?!” asked Kelli Stevens, Director of Leeds Advising. “All these students are expecting to do an F’n late drop – we don’t F’n do that in summer!” Megan Stephenson of A&S Operations reminded advisors. Patrick Tally, Assistant Dean for Curriculum in A&S admitted, “This is really F’n with my head.” “Just don’t tell them to do an F’n retro,” chimed in Laura Hesse, Retroactive Withdrawal Coordinator, “we can’t retro individual F’n classes in a single F’n session!” The advising and coaching community received sound advice from Assistant Registrar Becky Jones moments before the SSANET discussion crashed the servers: “I wish you F’ers would stop sending these students to me! Fill out an F’n Special Action Form and leave me the F out of it!”