Breakfast Club Announces Survey Results

After countless hours of tallying votes, the Breakfast Club is pleased to announce the results of the Advising & Coaching Holiday Survey. The survey asked the advising and coaching community to vote for which of their advising/coaching/administrative/leadership/retiree colleagues best fit each of the below categories. Category winners receive Baby Yoda dolls hand-crocheted by Scarlett Pontón de Dutton!

  1. Most likely to win an ugly sweater contest that they didn’t know they had entered.
    Elisa Cripps
  2. Most likely to buy an ugly sweater for someone else.
    Laurel Amsel
  3. Most likely to ‘nog it up before a staff meeting.
    Blazey Heier (Wow. Really, people?)
  4. Most likely to spend hours building a gingerbread McMansion.
    Sue Brehm
  5. Most likely to smash the gingerbread McMansion.
    Eva Lacy
  6. Most likely to have an extensive Elf on the Shelf and/or Mensch on a Bench collection.
    Peter Freitag
  7. Most likely to have had their Christmas tree up and decorated since before Thanksgiving.
    Megan Stephenson
  8. Most likely to leave their Christmas tree up until next Thanksgiving.
    Greer McKeown
  9. Most likely to eat fruitcake until they’re sick (which may just be one bite of fruitcake – let’s be real here).
    Chaco (Charles Eagan’s dog)
  10. Most likely to set up a telescope on Monday so they can see the first “Christmas Star” since the Middle Ages.
    Tom Morgan
  11. Most likely to give a gently-used roll of toilet paper as their white elephant gift.
    Doug Nickel
  12. Most likely to blast Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” (possibly while weeping).
    Mara Vahratian
  13. Most likely to sue Starbucks for overly hot hot chocolate.
    Susan Johnson
  14. Most likely to degrade their pet by forcing them to wear that lovely holiday sweater they bought them.
    Charles Eagan (by a landslide!)
  15. Most likely to compete in their neighborhood’s holiday lights competition.
    Ricky Ortiz
  16. Most likely to be discovered Christmas morning stuck in a chimney while wearing a Santa costume.
    Dave Rogalski
  17. Most likely to burn all their latkes and serve smashed up tater tots instead (and fool no one).
    Jordyn Dwyer
  18. Most likely to practice talking face-to-face with people again by striking up a conversation with a snowman (and leaving that conversation thinking, “That went pretty well.”)
    Patrick Tally