CU to Process New Campus-Wide Academic Standing Policy; Details TBD

After decades of confusion around academic standing terminology, reinstatement options, and where and how to add those tricky academic standing codes, the University finally developed a campus-wide academic standing policy that focuses on clarity and administrative simplification – oh, yeah, and also supporting students or something.

“The policy is effective Fall 2022 and can be found in the 2022-23 catalog if anyone is interested in learning more,” said one university official. When asked how students will reinstate to good academic standing, the official explained, “That’s a TBD.” When asked whether incomplete grades will impact academic standing, the official nodded thoughtfully and clarified, “That one’s a TBD as well.”

Fortunately for support staff, grades will not be final until right before the campus closes for the break, so students will not have a chance to ask what their options are until early January. “By then, academic standing processing will be well under way and we’ll ideally have some sort of answers to some of these silly questions you’ve been asking.”

As with all academic policy changes these days, The Bacon encourages readers to check the Sports section for updates.