Fall Welcome: Expect Delays, Fender Benders, and an Overall Good Time

Fall Welcome is officially here, and so are 8,000 new students and their families. What does this mean for Boulder? Well, for one thing, it means lots and lots of people trying to navigate an unfamiliar place all at once.

In an effort to prepare faculty and staff for Fall Welcome, CU Boulder Leadership issued the below list of tips and tricks for hacking welcome week:

  • Don’t Park on Campus During Welcome Week! In fact, we’ll ticket and tow you if you do! Remember that RTD pass we gave you as a super sweet perk for working here? Use it and stop complaining.
  • Don’t Work Remotely During Welcome Week! We need to make sure that new students and their families see humans in offices so that they’ll believe that everything is back to normal, so you’d better work in person all week.
  • If You Have to Walk Across Campus, Look Lost! If you look like you know where you’re going, you’ll be swarmed by so many new students and their families that you’ll never make it to your destination.
  • Pretend to be a Parent or Nontraditional Student, and Sneak into Welcome Week Events! You could make lasting connections that will require you to forever pretend to be a student (and will feel like the premise of a ‘90s-style sitcom) or you could learn something new about the University and all it has to offer (we’re looking at you Ghost Stories of CU Boo-ulder!). 
  • Wear CU Boulder Gear! If you value your career, you’ll wear your gear!