A&S AAC To Offer Second- and Third-Shift Advising

Lily Board, Assistant Dean for Academic Advising & Student Success, announced today that Arts & Sciences will offer academic advising appointments 24/7. “We’ve historically expected students to engage with support staff during a traditional 8-5 work week,” explained Board. “The addition of second- and third-shift advising schedules will allow us to meet students where they’re at.”

Second- and third-shift advisors will also physically “meet students where they’re at” by holding appointments in such convenient locations as Half Fast Subs, The Sink, and 7-Eleven. This innovative approach to advising will minimize barriers to access and increase trust between students and advisors – all while satisfying the Provost’s call for in-person student support despite a lack of dedicated office space.

The A&S AAC partnered with the Office of Data Analytics to develop a complex algorithm that will efficiently and equitably decide each advisor’s assigned shift and location. “We factored over 50 variables into our algorithm, including such things as childcare needs, advisor tardiness patterns, the times of day that certain majors are most likely to schedule advising appointments, and advisor hygiene,” explained Board. “Obviously, the stinkiest advisors will be assigned the 7-Eleven third-shift schedule.”