CU Jobs: School of Education Now Hiring All Positions!

Job Summary:

The School of Education is now accepting applicants for an Academic Advisor. This full-time position will advise undergraduate programs, including the BA in Elementary Education, the BA in Leadership & Community Engagement, the Education Minor, the Leadership Studies Minor, the BAM in Ethnic Studies & Education, Teacher Licensure Pathways, and even the freakin’ BAIS.

Okay, okay – we know that sounds like a lot. What if you were a Lead Academic Advisor? You definitely seem like a leader to us! And, you know what? We’ll get rid of the BAIS. Nobody wants that crap anyway. WAIT! Don’t go! What about Senior Academic Advisor? Senior’s above Lead, right? Hell, let’s just go with Director of Academic Advising for Undergraduate Programs.

Who We Are:

The School of Education is an extremely functional and nice place to work. We swear. Everything is just peachy dory and hunky keen over here! We don’t have any skeletons in our closet! It’s a really great place to work. Really great!

What Your Key Responsibilities Will Be:

As Director of Academic Advising for Undergraduate Programs, your key responsibilities will be to advise each student along their particular academic pathway; certify degrees, minors, and licensures; process all major and minor declarations; figure out whatever the hell an IUT is and how it’s supposed to work; process all academic standing reports; serve as the sole member of the Teacher Licensure Admission Committee by reviewing all applications, making admission decisions, sending out decision emails to applicants, matriculating all accepted students, and updating the website with new application dates and deadlines each year.

We’ll also need you to serve on every campus-wide committee that requires a School of Education representative. Be sure to use those committees to really spread the word about how nice the School of Education is! Oh, and we’ll also need you to implement whatever wacky new programs faculty come up with next. And hire people. You’re probably going to want to hire people. Once you onboard all the new hires, we’ll be sure to demote you. After all, you’ll only be doing a fraction of the work at that point, so why would we keep you at a Director title and salary?

What We Can Offer:

Please see Benefits section.


Did you know that, as a CU Boulder School of Education staff member, you can take up to 9 credits of coursework for free each year? Of course, you’ll definitely be way too busy to breathe, let alone take classes, but it’s a pretty awesome benefit. And when this job starts feeling overwhelming, you can work with FSAP for free! But don’t do that on the clock. You’ll need to use sick leave for that – and make sure you get that sick leave approved well in advance so that we can prepare for your absence. We’ll need plenty of time to tell all your students that you’d rather be chatting it up with people on the East Campus than making sure your students are able to become teachers someday so that they can shape the future leaders of America.

What We Require:

Just your undying loyalty and your signature on a legally binding contract stating that you’ll work for us for at least five years. 

What You Will Need:

Lots of coffee and a can-do attitude!

What We Would Like You To Have:

Honestly, at this point, we’re really just looking for a warm body. 

Be Willing. Be Complacent. Be Boulder.