The Bacon Surprised to Learn it Reports to OUE

The University of Colorado Boulder recently named Dr. Daryl Maeda the inaugural Dean of Undergraduate Education. As Maeda prepares to transition into his new role, which takes effect July 19th, he is meeting with Office of Undergraduate Education personnel, as well as with various campus constituents, to better understand the administrative structure of OUE and student initiatives that he will be overseeing.

When The Bacon’s Editor-in-Chief met with Maeda yesterday for what they thought was an exclusive interview with the University’s newest member of senior leadership, the Editor-in-Chief was surprised to learn that Maeda actually wanted to discussed The Bacon’s reporting structure, financial model, and the data demonstrating The Bacon’s (lack of) campus-wide impact. 

“After my initial confusion and flustered questions,” said the Editor-in-Chief, “I regrouped and tried to explain how inappropriate it was for him to even ask me these things since we aren’t affiliated with campus.” 

When Maeda presented documents to the contrary, The Bacon’s Editor-in-Chief suddenly felt unsure. “Here I thought that we were an independent and impartial publication that served the CU Boulder community while remaining separate from the University itself,” they explained. “After all, we work outside of CU’s business hours, we pay out-of-pocket to register our domain, and we host the publication on a private server. But there it was, plain as day: a dotted line.”

So what does this dotted line reporting model to OUE actually mean for The Bacon? We really have no idea. 

Campus map showing The Bacon‘s dotted line of reporting to OUE.